1 Guy 1 Cock

By LOLShock

About 1 Guy 1 Cock

1 Guy 1 Cock is known to be amongst the most challenging of internet shock sites. As we all know, in the trans-gender reality, art objects are resurrections of the imaginations of the matrix - a matrix that uses the corporation as a zeitgeist to materialize ideas, patterns, and emotions.

1 Guy 1 Cock brings this idea to life.
The dialogue in the video is complex and requires deep understanding of the themes in the piece: "Gooooorrrrrkkk. Gooork. Gorrrrrrrrrrkkk." A cry for help? A warning to the viewer? 1 Guy 1 Cock investigates the nuances of pixels through the use of audio and close-ups which emphasize the artificial nature of digital media. Many have unsuccessfully tried to find similarity with a number of other works such 1 Guy 1 Jar and Do Not Watch. Ultimately, these comparisons have been ineffectual and 1 Guy 1 Cock stands alone as a shock art work.

Gooooorrrrrkkk. Gooork. Gorrrrrrrrrrkkk.
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